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Best Windows 10 Desktop Gadgets

Desktop gadgets were an inescapable element that you had no matter what when you were running Windows Vista. Although it made your system vulnerable to security threats, you still had them installed because of how appealing it looked.

With the release of Windows 10, people were disappointed with the lack of desktop gadgets as this was replaced with the windows app store instead. But that didn’t stop people from making unofficial gadgets for Microsoft’s newest operating system. Let us look at some of the ones that are noteworthy.



1. Avedesk

Avedesk, although very simple in its approach, in one gadget that allows you to have icons on the desktop screen as you could in the previous versions of windows. These icons, in essence, act as shortcuts to gadgets that they think are necessary. These include apps of the likes of mail or calculator. They also keep updating the interface to make it look sleeker and good looking. These are the reasons why Avedesk is held in high regard when it comes to windows gadgets.

2. Win10 Widgets

If you’re looking for a widget that is optimized to deliver the bare essentials of what you might look to get from your laptop or pc, then Win10 Widgets is the gadget for you as it supports WiFi, music, and battery among other functions. You can also change your wallpapers using this gadget or even change the size of the screen. A significant drawback with this gadget is the fact that it doesn’t support auto updates and hence, you’ll need to manually download their updates directly from the website as and when it is time.


Win10 Widgets


3. 8GadgetPack

8GadgetPack has recently released a version that addresses many of the bugs and glitches that users of the earlier version have highlighted. With 8GadgetPack, you can expect apps that are used commonly by many in windows 10. The app also works with the post-anniversary version of windows as well. With 8GadgetPack, you can expect apps of the likes of CPU Meter, Currency, Reminder, and Clipboard.



4. Gadgets Revived

With Gadgets Revived, you have the option of picking gadgets that suit your line of work. After installing Gadgets Revived, you’ll be able to select and install apps to your liking. You can choose gadgets that are spaced in over 16 categories, although each category has apps which are more or less a reskin of the same apps. Calculator, MusicRadio and Timers are some of the apps that you can have with Gadgets Revived.

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